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Call Tracking

Call Tracking Starting At $20 a Month

Track Calls from Your Marketing Channels

Call Tracking Solutions for Small Businesses

Elevate Your Customer Engagement with Next Call's Advanced Call Tracking System

At Next Call, we understand the unique challenges small businesses face in managing customer interactions and tracking the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Our call tracking solution is designed specifically for small businesses, whether you have one location or multiple, offering a powerful yet lightweight tool to boost your business growth.

How It Works.

  • Cost-Effective & Efficient: Tailored for small businesses, our system is both budget-friendly and highly effective. You get a robust call tracking solution without the heavy investment.

  • Easy to Set Up Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems: Our user-friendly platform allows you to quickly set up IVR systems. This means you can guide your customers through a series of simple options, ensuring they reach the right department or information swiftly.

  • Advanced Reporting & Tracking: Gain valuable insights into customer interactions. Our system tracks calls, helping you understand which marketing efforts are driving results. Monitor call volumes, call durations, peak call times, and more to optimize your strategies.

  • Integrated Texting with Automated Templates: Engage with your clients through text. Our system includes texting capabilities complete with automatic templated messages, making communication seamless and personalized.

  • Multi-Location Support: Whether you're a single-location business or have multiple outlets, our system scales to your needs, providing consistent performance across all your locations.

Only $20 / month

Our Team.

Drew has been in digital marketing for the last 15 years. Between owning agencies and his own local busineses, he has the knowledge to help you get your Google My Business back online. Learn more about Drew here.


Joe has been a local marketing business expert for the last ten years. He is an experienced with dealing with Google My Business listings and specializes in fast turn around times.


Next Call is a proud certified Google Partner


We are proudly located in Cleveland, Ohio.  

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